STORYWHEEL: A visual & accessible approach to story structure

The stories you love have a solid structure. Make sure yours does too.

Are you like me, and like many writers I know? It’s easy enough (after we get past the hump of “I’m no good at this. Who do I think I am?”) to put words on the page.

But how do we make sense of all those words? How do we know if we have a structure that will support a story readers crave?

Story structure doesn’t have to be complicated. The Storywheel is a visual tool to evaluate your story structure.

Readers won’t complain about an ending that came too soon, or a plot twist that seemed random. They won’t even notice the structure because they’ll be lost in the world of your story.

“The Storywheel has been helpful to me and many others. It combines so many theories and makes them useable.”

– Carole Wolfe, Author

Writing is hard enough. Get the Storywheel.

Plot your novel! Your memoir!

Wouldn't it be nice to see a story model that makes sense just looking at it? And wouldn't it be even nicer to have a handbook that gives helpful detail and examples?

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